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Post Construction Cleaning

cleaner maid doing window cleaning

We will handle the entire process to ensure we maximize and ensure the safety of your space, make proper and ecological disposal of post construction materials while saving you time and money throughout each phase. During each post construction-cleaning project, we assign a group of project managers to supervise the operation that consistently provide updates to our customers. We will first arrange a consultation to understand our client’s needs and expectations to deliver a clean and concise list of services we will implement.



Our approach will always be one that is consultative and collaborative in nature. We know that each client is diverse and therefore we focus on creating an operational solution that develops value for our customers whether they are commercial clients, residential clients or industrial clients. During our consultation we will aim to uncover and diagnose the entire project to provide a detailed list of necessary services and solutions we aim to provide. During the process, should there be any questions or concerns, our team will have a project manager serve as your point of contact. After completion, we will accompany you through a walk through of the site to ensure the location is up to expectation.


Dangerous Materials

During any construction project, the uses of dangerous and toxic materials are somewhat unavoidable and on many occasions these dangerous materials are often left behind for people to dispose of. Our team provides an unwavering commitment to doing what is necessary to reduce the use of dangerous or harmful materials to our planet and utilize cleaning equipment that get the job done but do so in an ecological and environmentally friendly way. Our team go a step ahead of the competition to make sure we are investing in new and advanced ways we have properly dispose of dangerous and harmful materials. We are excited to provide our post-construction cleaning service to all our customers, community and business partners.



If you have a post construction site that needs attention, please contact our customer service team today and arrange your first consultation. We are equipped with all the necessary systems and machinery to provide you and your floors the most thorough and effective clean possible. Depending on what you aim to achieve from your post construction clean, we have the ability to draft operational plans that align with you, your family and or your business to bring them to life. By enlisting the services of industry experts, you too will acquire the benefits of a clean and well-maintained space to present to family, friends, guests, staff or clients.



The several benefits of post construction cleaning and regular maintenance include making your business more appealing to staff and customers, better moral and quality of service provided, greater employee retention, higher productivity and preventative measures of larger liabilities. Our team is excited and eager to work with you and your business to handle the responsibilities of a post construction clean. Let us utilize our trained and experience teams to quickly and affordably deliver post construction cleaning solutions that simplify and improve your life.