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Commercial Cleaning

cleaner maid doing commercial cleaning

Offices are busy places that require regular cleaning and maintenance in order to run properly. When you are looking for a trusted commercial cleaning company to take over your company’s scheduled cleaning, look no further! Regular servicing will leave your space in better shape leaving your business more productive and your atmosphere light and fresh. Toledo Cleaning Service Pros arrives to each job equipped with the tools and skills to completely revitalize your space. Our professionalism is a resounding quality that brings commercial clients back again and again for renewed contracts.

Our Team

Our team values professional relationships, which are a constant pattern with our return contracts. There are many reasons to choose Toledo Cleaning Service Pros such as our quality of work and affordable prices, but no reason brings back clients more than our team. Through courteous care and mutual respect we develop lasting and strong relationships with commercial clients. There is no better time to find out why TCSP is the number one commercial cleaning choice of our beautiful municipality. From your very first interaction the true service provided will shine through, exceeding expectations.

Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces can be varying sizes, from small operations to sizable companies operating in huge spaces. The type of cleaning service that you receive depends on your needs! Our consultation process will uncover the true needs of your commercial space and create a compliancy list that covers the completion of these tasks. Depending on the scope of the project and the list of services provided, a dedicated number of cleaning staff will be present for each scheduled service date. The minimum number of cleaners must arrive in order to facilitate the completion of your commercial clean, this is promised to all clients taking advantage of our commercial cleaning services.


Tools utilized to complete commercial cleans are specialized and obtained by TCSP in order to complete the greed upon service. Our investment into the acquirement of top of the line tools has ensured that our clients receive thorough cleaning results. We will continue to invest into new technology that becomes available as well as maintaining our tools to work as expected. To ensure that your cleaning service will meet the needs of your commercial space consultation is conducted prior to the initialization of any contract.

Scheduled Cleans

Varying intervals are needed in-between scheduled cleans due to the saturation of dirt and the expectations from commercial owners. The frequency in which cleaning is conducted is agreed upon by the client and TCSP, the agreed upon scheduled cleans can be adjusted through the continuation of the contract. Working with our cleaning experts you will be impressed with the level of professionalism and quality that services are provided with. We are able to revitalize the cleanliness standard of your usable space efficiently and accompanied with affordable rates. To amend the date or frequency of your scheduled clean, contact our customer service manager at the number provided.