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Toledo Cleaning Service Pros

Cleaning Services In Toledo Ohio

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Toledo Cleaning Service Pros are a group of dedicated and friendly professionals that are equipped to offer you, your family and your business an effective, hassle free and economical full service cleaning solution. When choosing to work with a full service cleaning company, it is important to work alongside one that is committed to delivering a high standard quality of services and one that makes appropriate use of safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

About Us

We believe in listening to our customers and making sure our customers are supported with a seamless unforgettable experience. When you work with our team of industry professionals, you will be working with a group of trained and certified cleaners who cover a wide variety of clients from commercial, residential, public and industrial. Each member on our team is carefully and meticulously selected and trained to enable the successful facilitation of our customers needs.


Our Services

Throughout the years we have been serving our community, we have been fortunate to develop a specialty within the cleaning industry that includes a long list of distinctive and assorted services. Currently the services we specialize in include but are not limited to: Home Cleaning Services, Office Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Floor Care and Post Construction Cleaning. We understand that each customer and each circumstance is different and therefore we do not approach our business as a one size fits all mentality or blanket approach.

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Home Cleaning Services

We offer a full diagnosis and on site quote that will help you decide on what services or solutions may be better suited for you and your household. To achieve unmatched results, we make sure to train our team regularly, survey our customers, checklist our work, assign project managers as well as utilize the most ecological and environmentally friendly cleaning products and materials available. It is important to us and our staff that we provide our customers with not only an exceptional service but also reduce or eliminate any toxic waste and harmful substances that would typically be used by other cleaning companies.

Office Cleaning Services

A proper investment in regular and routine cleaning of your office space will ensure the positive moral of employees and could likely reduce the number or likelihood of sick days as any contaminants, dust and dirt are deal with in short order. Enlisting the services of industry professionals and a trusted local service provider, you are making sure that you are partnering with a reliable, capable, experienced and flexible company committed to surpassing your highest of expectations. To learn more about our operational cleaning solutions for office areas, please connect with our customer service department or message us on our social media platform. We look forward to working alongside you and providing you with advanced cleaning solutions.

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Commercial Cleaning

Your places of business or commercial locations are crucial to your daily life and represent a significant investment whether you are a business owner or a hired employee. You are likely to spend well over two thirds of your time at your commercial location and therefore it is crucial to ensure your space is thoroughly cleaned in a regular and ongoing fashion. Make sure you enlist the services of industry professionals and avoid wasting time and money trying to arrange your own cleaning of your commercial locations. To learn more, please contact our customers service department today from the number provided.

Janitorial Services

At one time or another, we are all likely to be customers or consumers of any type of service or product. With that being said, have you ever noticed how you and your family are far more likely to notice a clean and well-maintained space? Therefore you are also far more likely to regularly visit places that undergo and invest in frequent and thorough cleaning of floors, bathrooms, tables, windows etc. It should come as not surprise to anyone that a well maintained and well cleaned business or public location is far more likely to have visitors and therefore more successful.

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Floor Care

Our teams are experienced in providing floor care services and solutions for marble, vinyl, hardwood and many others surfaces found within households or businesses. We are here to provide the services and information to help you revive your floor before you need to spend money and completely replace it. To learn more about the beneficial floor care services our teams provide, please contact our customer service center today or connect with our social media team.

Post Construction Cleaning

Once a construction project is near completion, any business owner or homeowner can easily become riddled with anticipation and excitement to begin utilizing their newly constructed place. However, before you can do so, it is likely you will find scattered screws, pieces of lumber, rusty nails, cigarette butts and other construction debris all over the place. In addition to that, post construction will always leave you with a collection of a dirty, dusty and grimy interior that is nowhere near occupancy friendly

“I am so happy I decided to hire Toledo Cleaning Service Pros. In my opinion they are the best in the business as they provide superior results while creating a super friendly environment for their customers. Each of them goes above and beyond to help their customers. I would be happy to highly recommend this team of pros if you are considering hiring a cleaning company” Rachel H.

“I have partnered with this company for the past 4 and a half years. They have been helping me on a range of construction projects. They are incredibly thorough and always provide expertise, reliability and accountability. They are raising the bar for other companies in the way they deliver a customer experience. They are so focused on providing fantastic customer service and do so each time I work with them. Thank you for all you do” Peter K.

“I was amazed at how helpful they were throughout the entire process. They always do a fantastic job and are super reliable. Any time I have questions or concerns a knowledgeable staff member addresses me in a friendly way. It has been such a pleasure working with such a group of professionals that make the process so much easier. They really provide so much value, you’ve got to call them” Tracey D.

Contact Us Today

Working with the team at Toledo Cleaning Service Pros, we will not only save you time and money, however we will also make sure to provide you with a stress free and convenient service that provides solutions to some of the most challenging and costly responsibilities that accompany cleaning. Allow our team of trained industry professionals to combine our vast experience and our relentless commitment to getting the job done for you while you; your family and your business focus on what’s important. When you contact our customer service team, you will be greeted with a knowledgeable local agent that is invested in providing you with exceptional services.